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We ARE Better Together!!

Sometimes you see the corny line posted in different places -- We Are Better Together.  And yes it sounds super corny BUT it IS true!!  Our success so far is a result of the hard, hard work of:

- our custodians (who are scrubbing and disinfecting in their sleep now),

- our Educational Assistants (who have helped students adjust to our new normal),

- our teachers (who have worked hard to engage students and create a passion for learning despite COVID),

- our secretary (who has answered the doorbell at least 100 times so far)

- our parents (who do daily screening and really took a big step in allowing their kids to return)

- our community (for encouraging us on and continuing to care for Lomond Community School), and

- our students (who have grabbed on to new routines and dug in to prove they are resilient and strong).


I don't define success as no COVID cases (although this is TOP priority).  I define it as our school being able to adjust, pivot and pursue learning in the midst of the pandemic.  I see success in one of our students learning 27 sight words, another explaining what 10 partners are, another spelling his first and last name, another knocking out 3 new novels already, another transitioning back into school after harvest with ease, another laughing at a English video, another learning photography and showing a new talent, another teaching a math lesson to a peer, another working extra hours to conquer physics, and our success stories go on....  

Thanks for a great start to the year team!!  We Really Are Better Together!!

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