Music at LCS!

This little school is one of the most exciting places to be. The staff go way out of their way to try and provide everything that could be found in a large school. Some of the more costly things would be impossible to do if it weren’t for volunteer help. The music program in the school is one of those things.

Private lessons are offered to anyone in the school. Staff and students have the opportunity to take private lessons on any vocal or musical instrument they wish. This is done during school hours excluding core subject time. There is a minimal fee for these lessons. Paid for by the student or parents of the student. This is the only music event that has a fee attached.

There are class lessons for kindergarten to grade six. This is particularly exciting because the children are introduced to a variety of genres, instruments and sounds. They have even engaged in writing their own songs. The children that are taking private lessons are encouraged to accompany their choral class with the instruments they are learning. The children have experimented with home made instruments, body rhythms, unison and harmony singing.

All of the music students have had the opportunity to participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival, and the Canadian Music Class Challenge. Which is a Canada wide competition. They sing for the Lomond and Vulcan seniors every Christmas. Every year they put on a killer Christmas Concert. Just when you think you’ve heard the best from them they surprise you with something even better.

The Junior and Senior high students have a more vigorous schedule so fitting music in is difficult, yet they manage to participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival, the Canadian Class Challenge, Sing for the Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Lomond and Vulcan, Christmas Concerts, individually sing for Bridal showers, and any other events they are invited to. This means they give up a lot of their free time.

Lately the students have been finishing the year off with an Amazing Talent show. This is open to every Teacher and student with the understanding that “TALENT” does not mean just music. All of the students have something that they do well and they are encouraged to either show it on stage, or display pictures, or present it in any way possible to do inside a school facility.

This truly is an amazing exciting school to be a part of. The students and staff make it that way.               

Sharon Forsyth 

Music Teacher 

Canadian Music Challenge

Our students in grades 7-12 are competing in a Nationwide singing challenge, called the Canadian Music Challenge. Under Mrs. Forsyth's leadership they are singing "Scars to Your Beautiful" by Alessia Cara.