Our History

Lomond Community School is located in Lomond, Alberta a small rural village in Division 6 of the County of Vulcan in southern Alberta.


Many schools dotted the prairies because it was a government policy to have a school within walking distance of every student. Twenty-seven such schools operated in the Lomond area.

Dufferin School was established on August 26, 1912. The building was moved to Lomond. Rolling Prairie, Ocean Wave, Dufferin and Deep Water became Lomond Consolidated School No. 20 on May 22, 1916. In 1949 a new school was built and the three old buildings were sold.  On May 2nd, the school was officially opened and an Opening Ceremony took place.  Mr. Hendrickson was the principal at this time.  The consolidated school district was dissolved in 1961 and on December 31, 1961, Dufferin formally became Lomond District.

The above picture is of the Lomond Consolidated School No. 20 and the picture below is of the new school that was officially opened on May 2nd

Major additions and a gym were added to the school. Renovations were done from 1981-82 and during the summer of 1982 the school built in 1949 was demolished. Improvements on the grounds, buildings and equipment at the school have continued. The Lomond School became part of the Distance Education Project in 1988. Our school is unique in the County of Vulcan in that we offer grades K through 12.

When our high school program was threatened to be closed down with the County of Vulcan we joined the Horizon School Division as it consolidated with the Taber and Warner districts in 1994. We went to a compressed school week that operates from Monday to Thursday.