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Emily Armstrong

Grade 5 - 8 English and Social and CTF

Phone: (403) 792-3620 (school)

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Paul Doig

Grade 5- 12 Math, CTF and PE 9 - 12

Phone: 403-792-3620 (school)

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Amber Doram

Grade 7 - 12 Social and 9 - 12 English

Phone: 403-792-3620 (school)

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Jenna Greene

Language Arts 1/2 and Elementary Math and 7/8 Language Arts

Phone: 403-792-3620 (school)

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Rachael Heise

3-4 Homeroom (LA, Social and Science), 1-2 Science and 9-10 Options

Phone: (403)-792-3620

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Jeremy Poettcker

Grade 5 - 12 Science (including Chemisty, Biology and Physics)

Phone: (403)-792-3620

Support Staff

Photo of Gretchen Bourassa

Gretchen Bourassa

Family Connections Wellness Coach

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Breanna Eisen

Educational Assistant

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Janina Friesen


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Mirtha Guzman

Educational Assitant

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Skylar Howg

Educational Assistant

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Melissa Joy

Educational Assistant and Librarian

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Esther Martens

Educational Assistant

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Garth Mouland

Academic and Career Counsellor

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Crystal Norris

Educational Assistant

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Tara Odland

Family School Liaison Program

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Miranda Rowland

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lisa Sowinski

Lisa Sowinski

First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Liaison Worker

Photo of Cindy West

Cindy West

Administrative Assistant


Photo of Melissa Gartly

Melissa Gartly


Photo of Amber Doram

Amber Doram

Assistant Principal/ Learning Support Teacher