Staff Directory

Main Phone: (403) 792-3620


Amanda Cayford

Homeroom Grade 9 and 10 (Math)

Amber Doram

Homeroom Grade 5 and 6

Jenna Greene

Homeroom Grade 1 and 2

Gibion Makiwa

Homeroom Grade 7 and 8 (Science)

Crystal Malinowski

Homeroom Grade 3 and 4

Cilena Mathieu

Homeroom Grade 7 and 8 (Science)

Fleur Sweetman

Homeroom Grade 11 and 12 (Humanities)

Support Staff

Sharon Forsyth

Music Program

Janina Friesen


Dennell Gillespie

Educational Assistant and Librarian

Christina Groves

Educational Assistant

Garth Mouland

Academic and Career Counsellor

Tara Odland

Family School Liaison Program

Benita Peters

Low German Mennonite Consultant

Lisa Sowinski

First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Liaison Worker

Greta Unruh

Low German Mennonite Teacher

Cindy West



Melissa Gartly


Amber Doram

Assistant Principal