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I often marvel at the honour it is to work with the staff and students of Lomond Community School.  It really is amazing.  Yesterday I listened to students reading to each other, practicing a play, and working through math problems.  Then I popped into a leadership meeting where the students were enthusiastically planning for the Christmas season.  They didn’t need a staff member but they discussed the covid restrictions, the responsibilities of picking up supplies and the timeline for planning.  I sat in awe.  (Deep down I also wondered if we as adults would benefit from hearing them problem solve and lead.)  Then I wandered down the hall to our grade 7/8 Renaissance Fair.  Earlier this morning the school was abuzz -- the Renaissance Fair was happening and our staff and students were excited to participate.  As I entered the gym one corner had Shakespeare calling for people to come experience some Shakespearean language.  Another corner had students studying the architecture of this era and working to make a model of it.  Another area had students designing a boat that could navigate the exploration of  new lands.  Another booth was demonstrating the printing press and still another showed the path for exploration in the form of a relay.  The indepth understanding of the Renaissance period and the way the students were teaching other students was incredible.  THIS is bringing the curriculum alive and ensuring our students are engaged in the learning process.  My day was full of amazing moments and learning continues to happen even in the midst of this crazy covid season.

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